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Celebrating the life of your loved one where heartfelt understanding and genuine compassion shape the essence of remembrance.


In moments when words falter, I will stand by you, not just as a professional but as a warm companion in this challenging chapter. This is a sensitive time, and creating a beautiful ceremony for your loved one is all about getting to know the family and understanding your loved one's life journey right through to their passing. I understand the profound weight of loss and strive to create a haven where memories find solace.

With a wealth of experience and deep empathy, I guide you through the intricacies, crafting a personal narrative that reflects the essence of your loved one. I will honor and present your loved one's ceremony with respect and the feeling that I already know the family well.


Let's plan a service beyond a checklist—a heartfelt tribute. I'm here to support you with care, understanding, and a genuine commitment to honouring your dear one authentically. Together, let's weave a tapestry of memories that truly honors their unique spirit.

Contact Lorette on 0409 477 628 for an obligation free chat about the services she provides


Our mother Alison passed away and we were asked by the funeral director Allen Matthews Funerals of Warrawee whom we would like to have to conduct the funeral service. I had heard of Lorette Barzan through friends and had been told how wonderful she is as a celebrant. We contacted her and found her to be very caring and efficient. The funeral service was very well done and we found Lorette to be a lovely and thoughtful person in every respect. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone in the future.

 - Adrian J, Hornsby

I met Lorette Barzan for the first time following the death of my father. From the very beginning of our encounter, Lorette was a true comfort through that very difficult time. Lorette's understanding and compassion was resolute throughout the whole process of organizing my father's funeral. I found her to be knowledgeable and thoughtful, as well as empathetic to my family's wishes at that time. Lorette conducted herself with professionalism and grace during my father's service, which was a true comfort to myself and my family. To her credit, Lorette managed to talk about my father's as if she new him closely. This conveyed a personal understanding of the high regard that was felt for my father, and only enforced her professional nature. Lorette alleviated many of the logistical duties of the funeral from my family, which allowed us to concentrate on supporting each other though the pain of losing my father. I am extremely thankful for her services during that difficult time, and I recommend her highly. 

 - Aaron S

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